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About Us

What is Success Clothing and where does it come from?  

Success Clothing was founded in 2008 by myself (Vinny Success) and we are a streetwear-skatewear brand from Montreal. At the time, I was looking to create a brand that was exactly what I believe was missing : Clothes for people like me. A guy who comes from the skateboard/snowboard culture, that listens to hip-hop music, that enjoys collecting sneakers and that likes to be dressed with fresh clothes. In 2008, brands were either all skate, or all hip-hop. I wanted to create a lifestyle brand that will bridge and blend all these cultures into one melting pot. Our name is our message : Success. All our designs are mind-stimulating quotes that will motivate the new generation of entrepreneurs to work harder in order to make their dreams come true. We push positivity & hard work to create a brand that will touch a very wide audience, because Success is a universal concept. Mottos like "Success Nothing Less", "Fuck Failure" and "Grind until you shine" are constantly pushing us forward. Follow your dreams, or spend the rest of your life working for someone who did!


Before you got into fashion you were a Dj. What made you want to switch?  

For the most part, I was always confused about what I wanted to do in life. I was really into music and I was really into visuals. During my high-school years I spent most of my time doing graffiti, scratching and making beats. At some point I had to make a choice to either go into graphic design or sound engineering, I just followed my instincts and figured that since I was drawing before I started to make music I would keep music as a hobby and do visuals full-time. Seeing as I didn’t really have any money at the time, I sold my Dj equipment to start my first t-shirt run.

As your brand grows, how do you plan on making sure it doesn’t become played-out? 

It’s definitely hard. You don’t get to decide when it becomes played out or not, the people do. For some people, Success is really corny and for some it’s just the brand that they’ve been looking for. I just make sure to stick to my recipe. It’s like making a cake, the cake itself always stays the same but at the end of each season I add a different topping.


What would you say people like most about “Success”?

Aside from the clothes itself, I think a lot of people like my story. People that know where I come from, how I started and how little I had 7 years ago. They’ve seen me start from nothing and know they can make it too. They also relate to the whole concept and state of mind behind the brand, because Success is a universal concept. No one wants to be a failure, everyone wants to Succeed, right?


What’s your favourite piece from the new collection? 

The “Exploration Vest” is my favourite piece of all time. It’s where I wanted to be a few years ago and I finally made it. It’s something that the older crowd can definitely appreciate. I’ve always wanted to be more than a graphic tees brand, and thanks to my factory, I can now design pieces that have more style, technology and research behind it.



Name a few brands that you’d like to collaborate with in the future. 

There are few brands that I really look up to. My preference right now would be Diamond Supply Co. I met the owner, Nick Diamond a few weeks ago and it gave me a lot of motivation. Our recipes are pretty similar, we both stay true to our mottos. Other then that, I really look up to designers like Ralph Lauren, I’d love to work with him one day. He’s the real definition of self-made, self-paid, American Dream.